The address is Unit #148 10403 122 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta. The studio directly faces out to 104th ave. There is visitor parking to the left on 122nd street. There is also free parking along the entire street of 122nd. Alternatively, there is parking in the Oliver square parking lot.

The studio is in retail units on the ground floor level of an apartment building. So, it’s easy to miss when you don’t know what you’re looking for!


Yes. Parking is free. However, please give yourself enough time to find parking. Between other businesses, construction and other clients, it CAN become slim picking.

You can always park in residential or on another street.

Please be mindful of the loading zones. They are monitored and you will be ticketed.


The address is 10403 122 St, NW unit 148. Access to the studio is strictly at the front door which faces Stony Plain Rd. There is ample parking close to the studio :) There is parking on 121 street, 105th ave, 122 street, and the Brewery District parking across 121 street. We do have a visitor parking lot for the building. The entrance to the visitor parking is located on 121 street. You do need to register your vehicle if you choose to park in the visitor lot. It is very important that you do or else you will be ticketed. We do not have any control over this so please make sure you follow the registration instructions as soon as you park. It is very important to note that you cannot access the studio directly from visitor parking. You will have to walk around the block to the front entrance. There is no parking or stopping along Stony Plain road.


No. At this time I am by appointment only, however, it doesn’t hurt to stop by and visit the studio with the off chance I am available!


Yes, but please limit to one spectator only. No minors.


At this time, I only accept cash.


If you've already placed a deposit on a specific design, you cannot change what you want. Your appointment was most likely chosen and agreed to based on subject matter I want to tattoo, so a different subject matter can actually be rejected.

If you absolutely don't want your original design and want to cancel, you will forfeit your deposit. No exceptions.

If you want to reschedule and your new subject matter is agreed to, you will need a new deposit to book a new appointment and a non-refundable draw/rebooking fee of $100 will also need to be placed in order to rebook. This fee will NOT go towards your tattoo cost.

Please be sure you are certain on what you're getting during time of booking!


Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

I require a $100 deposit for EACH session booked. So, if you book a large piece that requires 4 sessions, you will have to pay a deposit for each session. In this case, it would be $400. Deposits come off each session.

Deposits *CAN be transferred (once) to another appointment date if 72 hours notice is given. If you need to rebook again, I will require another deposit in order to book you. Yes, even if you gave 72 hours notice. A rebook of a rebook is highly frustrating to people in the service industry.

Deposits will come off of each session as they go.

*Deposits for rebooked (by the client) appointments that meet the rescheduling guidelines will be rolled over as a credit to be applied on the day of the appointment, however a new deposit of $100 will be required in order to book a new appointment. If your first rolled over deposit was $100, you will then have a total of $200 applied to your tattoo on the day of.

*Any amounts pre paid for future appointments act as gift cards and are also non refundable.

*This does not apply to special days opened up for "flash days". Any deposit placed for a flash day can only be used for said flash day. They cannot be refunded OR transferred. If you decide you no longer want the flash design, you will have to forfeit your deposit, unfortunately.

**Deposits are also non-transferable for special exception appointments. An example of a special exception appointment would be me scheduling you in on a day off or extra early OR later than I normally work because that’s the only time that works for you.

***I hold the right to determine whether an appointment is deemed a special exception or not.


Appointments booked in the months of November through February:

A cancellation/reschedule notice of 2 WEEKS will be required to transfer your deposit to another appointment date.

If books are closed, you must wait until they are open to rebook.

As always, all deposits are non-refundable.

These four months have a high cancellation rate due to the Christmas/Holiday season.


Unfortunately, you will lose your deposit. Policy is 72 hours. No exceptions. (2 weeks for the seasonal deposit policy)


Anything longer than 15 minutes late (on a regular appointment) will be considered a no-show. There are other clients in a day, so the schedule doesn't have much wiggle room. Anything longer than 10 minutes late on a flash day will be considered a no show.

You will lose your deposit and will need to place another deposit PLUS a no-show fee in order to rebook.

If you are running late, I urge you to contact my assistant or myself through Facebook to let us know. Sometimes, exceptions can be made. Communication is key!


Unfortunately, this does happen and isn’t ever planned, but regardless, time was most likely spent on your design, and if not - it’s most likely too last minute to book someone in time in your spot.

Although, I am understanding to the unexpected, it still doesn’t pay my bills and my policies are set in place for a reason.

Clear and honest communication with your artist is always best and usually an arrangement can be made.

Will you tattoo me if I’m sick? I don’t want to lose my deposit, so....

No. I don’t want to get sick, get my family sick and you should always be 100% when you get tattooed.


No. Unfortunately, I am no longer giving previews of designs before appointments or charging a "draw fee" to have it drawn up earlier.

You will have to wait until the day of your appointment. No exceptions.

If changes need to be made, they can be made the day of.


I currently SET RATE all pieces. A quote can be given for each piece individually. Set rates are usually based on piece SIZE and not the time it takes.

*Please note that my rate is subject to change*


Sometimes! Depends what it is. :) It never hurts to ask!


No. Not even with parental consent.


Not at this time.


Absolutely! It is all dependent on subject matter, and the existing tattoo. Every potential cover up is different.


You would be amazed how many times this is asked.

The answer is no. A HARD no. And now, be aware that I am judging you and your life choices.


Honestly, most likely not.

I can take the design and design it to be similar yet cohesive to tattooing and in MY style, but I will not trace someone else's design.


Yes. Every person has their own threshold for pain. Regardless of your tolerance, it will hurt to a certain degree.


I DO use a numbing spray throughout difficult and long sessions to help you push through. This only works on BROKEN skin, so you have to give a little to get a little.

There are numbing creams that can be applied to the skin prior. Yes, you can use it. However, these usually only work for part of the linework and once it does wear off, you are getting hit with a bunch of pain all at once and the actual tattooing hurts more as it is a shock to the system rather than allowing your body to roll with it. I DO NOT recommend these numbing creams, but will not judge if you want to try!


The most commonly used description is a cat scratching a sun burn. It's fairly accurate in most body locations.


Everyone is different, so its impossible to say for everyone, BUT, the most common painful spots include:







Back Calf


Don't drink the night before! It will thin the blood plus make you hungover (even if you don't feel you are) and will make the experience more painful. Some people bleed so heavily that they cannot get tattooed at all.

Get a GOOD sleep the night before.

Avoid caffeine.

Eat a HUGE, SUGARY, FATTENING breakfast before your tattoo!

HYDRATE yourself.

Bring sugary drinks and snacks for the duration of your tattoo.

Bring headphones if you want to listen to your own music or watch a movie on your device.

Bring socks! Feet often get the cold sweats during tattoo appointments!

Wear clothes that you are OK with getting dirty. Tattooing can sometimes be a messy process!


Generally, a touch up is 15 minutes or less. It usually includes a bit of line work or highlight rework.

Regardless of the amount of time they take, they still require all the same amount of supplies used for a full appointment, so that’s why there is a $45 supply fee to book all touch ups.

Touch ups are not mandatory and I do reserve the right to refuse a touch up. You will be asked to send a picture and if nothing needs to be tattooed, I will let you know. If you are insistent on touching up something that does not need it, you can book an appointment and pay the regular hourly rate in order to do so.

Anything passed 30 minutes is no longer considered a touch up and the regular hourly rate will apply.

If you change your mind and want something added or a different colour, this is NOT a touch up. It’s a rework/addition that will be charged the hourly rate.

Touch ups on hands and feet will be charged at the regular rate. As these are very high wear and tear areas they typically do not heal well. These may require multiple and/or regular touch ups, and typically fade very quickly.


I offer a special rate for unicorns, dinosaurs and complete artistic freedom!

It will range between 10% -15% less than my regular set rate.

*This does NOT apply if it is a coverup, addition or rework.



Q: What is considered a “freebie” tattoo?

A: When I don’t make or charge any money for my labour or time towards a tattoo.

Q: What classifies as a “freebie” tattoo?

A: Auction winners, Contest winners, trades of services (unless discussed with trader), Donation of my services, and personal gifting of my services.

Although I love to give and contribute as much as I can, “freebie” tattoos add up. Hoping for tips (that are always appreciated but NEVER expected) to at least cover supplies more often than not falls through, so it has been decided that I will now be charging a $45 supply fee for EACH session of "freebie tattoos".

This is to ensure that I am not LOSING money when I donate my time and services and at least covers supplies and studio costs used to provide you with your tattoo.

I truly hope this new policy change going forward is accepted and understood by all my wonderful clientele and I will continue to donate and contribute whenever I can without seeing a loss each time.

Thanks for your support and understanding!


When it comes to no shows; communication, the situation and a client’s history are taken into consideration.

No shows will almost always result in a no more future bookings policy.

However, an exception may be made to offer these clients the option to pay for future appointments in full in advance.

Failure to show for an appointment paid in full will forfeit all the funds and you will not be rebooked.

Anything later than 20 minutes for an appointment is considered a no show and because of my tight schedule will need to be rebooked.


No. Your gift certificate has no cash value and is only redeemable for services rendered by Fawn.

Gift certificates are non-refundable.

Exceptions CAN be made if the client/artist relationship is terminated BY THE ARTIST ONLY.


As your appointment draws near, my assistant and system will confirm all your details within 1-2 weeks of your appointment.

If the confirmation process is not complete on your end within 48 hours of it being sent out, you will lose your spot and deposit.


If Facebook was your only form of contact for your appointment, it is YOUR responsibility to email glittershitsink@gmail.com to give us another way to contact you.

If we are unable to reach you during the confirmation process, even if you still planned on coming, you will lose your appointment. It’s impossible to differentiate between a deleted account or a blocked account, so, if we cannot find your profile, message and can’t get ahold of you, we will always assume the latter.



It is YOUR responsibility to re-message the page with your new Facebook name letting us know who you are.

If we cannot find you because we don’t have your new info, and your appointment can’t be confirmed, your appointment will be forfeited.